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Minister of Health declares Gweru water unsafe

Minister of Health declares Gweru water unsafe


The Minister of Health and Child Care Dr Pagwesese David Parirenyatwa has declared Gweru water unsafe for drinking. He made the announcement yesterday when he visited Gweru Provincial Hospital, the treatment camps and Mkoba Polyclinic in Gweru.

“To date, 200 patients are admitted at Gweru Provincial Hospital and some are being treated and monitored at Mkoba 1 and Mkoba Polyclinic. The outbreak is said to have been caused by a burst sewage pipe that has contaminated the city’s drinking water making it unsafe for consumption. Boreholes around Mkoba have also been deemed unsafe and thus have been de-commissioned as well” Minister Parirenyatwa said.

Indications are that the bacteria started early July when the first case of diarrhea was noted. The bacterial infection was dictated on the 6th of August. The Provincial Medical Director of Midlands Province Dr Simon Nyadundu said, tests done indicate that the Typhoid infection has prevailed in the city.



President commissions refurbished Kadoma Hospital

President commissions refurbished Kadoma Hospital

His Excellency, the President of Zimbabwe, Comrade Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa officiated the commissioning of equipment and refurbished units at Kadoma Hospital by Zimplats.

The president acknowledged Zimplats for heeding the call by Government for the corporate build a new Zimbabwe.

“In this world economic performance and growth are vital in defining business success but organisations are challenged to ensure that they impact and transform lives in the environs they operate”

“Kadoma General Hospital is part of the over 1600 network of public health facilities in our country and forms an integral part of our referral system in the health sector” He said.

He said it is the mandate of the Government to provide adequate medical services and it cannot do it alone and thus invites other partners to support the initiative.

“My Government is aware of the need to provide adequate medical services with the requisite medical professionals, modern infrastructure, medicines and drugs, equipment and the latest technology in line with international standards. Due to various compelling obligations and limited fiscal space, Government cannot go it alone and thus welcomes partnership and collaborations with private players such as Zimplats, in the provision of the requisite infrastructure, social amenities and medical drugs in our hospitals.” said The President.



Chinese Doctors Hailed

 Chinese doctors hailed

The Ministry of Health and Child Care officials have met with Chinese specialist doctors who are on a yearly interval medical missions to Zimbabwe under a bilateral agreement between the two governments.

Speaking at a welcome reception held in Harare today, The Principal Director Curative Services in the Ministry of Health and Child care MR Sydney Makarawo expressed satisfaction with the work that the medical team has done so far and hailed the long and cordial relations that exist between the two countries.

The nine specialists have been in the country since June this year.

“It is gratifying to note that China is one of the few countries that still provide medical specialists to Zimbabwe.

“I have heard that you are working very well. We appreciate that you have come to assist and should get back to us if you encounter any problems during your stay here and at work,” said Mr Makarawo.


I am living proof that MDR-TB is curable

After losing a family member to tuberculosis (TB), Tinashe Mubirira says he has beaten the odds by surviving it himself.

The 16-year-old Mubirira says when he was diagnosed with the bacterial lung disease his life became a battle and his biggest fear was death.

“I had shortness of breath and always had to isolate myself from my family and friends,including my other two siblings and also the community because I needed to get well”, he said.

Mubirira was diagnosed with TB in 2015.
“It wasn't easy to accept that I had TB because my mother died from it in 2013. I was also scared that I might die because of it.”
Mubirira spent weeks in hospital and soon after that he started the multi-drug resistance treatment.
Two years later, he was cured.


First lady amai Auxillia Mnagagwa, a woman of great honor

The First lady amai Auxillia Mnangagwa is a woman of virtue, is humble and thinks of other people first, according those who have worked with her.

She has vowed to fight against death and wants to see an improvement in the fight against diseases like cancer and HIV.

Amai through her charity organization Angel of hope, is assisting the less privileged in society and has travelled the length and breadth of this country mobilizing women for cancer screening.

Through her outreach services the Ministry’s screening program literally shot through the roof.


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