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Survival against all odds-The story of Siphiwe Sindisi

Around the year 2003, the HIV epidemic was a disease of unimaginable proportions both in trying to contain it and being diagnosed with it. Being infected with the disease meant a condemnation to a life of isolation as the society as well shunned those who had the disease.


Launch of UK programme to support a resilient health System in Zimbabwe

The Department for International Development (DFID) has availed US$82.1 million to improve sexual, reproductive health and nutrition services for women , adolescents and children.This grant will finance finance health interventions implemented under the hEALTH development Fund while US$2.2 million will be for strengthening the country’s capacity to prevent,detect and respond to outbreaks.



Zimbabwe joins the world in commemorating the International Pathology Day on Wednesday 15 November.International Pathology Day (IPD) is a time set aside in the month of November to celebrate the pathology profession which includes the administrative staff, technicians, laboratory scientists, biomedical scientists, clinical scientists and pathologists.


Goromonzi embraces HIVself-testing kits

People in Goromonzi have welcomed the Population Services International (PSI) HIV-self testing initiative being rolled out in the Mashonaland East Province saying it will encourage more people to get tested and know their statuses.


Mass Drug Administration against Neglected Tropical Diseases

The Ministry of Health and Child Care in collaboration with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education embarked on a Mass Drug Campaign against Neglected tropical diseases at Nyamandlovu in Bulawayo. The Mass Drug Administration is targeting four preventive chemotherapy neglected Tropical Diseases prevalent in Zimbabwe namely Schistosomiasis or Bilhazia, Soil Transmitted Helminthes or intestinal worm diseases, Lymphatic Filariasis also known as Elephantiasis or Hydrocele and Blinding Trachoma.


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Suspected Case

Any patient age 5 years or more with severe dehydration or death from acute watery diarrhoea

If There Is A Cholera Epidemic: any person age 2 years or more with acute watery diarrhoea, with or without vomiting

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