Internal Audit

1. Internal Audit – Mission and Vision Statement

 Conduct timeous and objective audits, including consulting services that are value adding to the MOHCC as a continuous process in support of management.

 Produce reports that assure accountability and transparency in the utilization and management of the Ministry funds and other resources. In this way, close the Expectation Gap by making clear the role of Internal Audit, in order to assist the organization work as one


 2. Objectives


2.1 Conduct a minimum of 10 risk based routine audits per year

 2.2 Conduct 4 special audits per year

 2.3 Produce periodic quality audits reports within 10 days of completion of an audit task

      Continually review procedures and control systems in line with Government and      

      Ministry regulations

 2.3 Facilitate policy roll out training sessions where necessary


 3. Institutions audited

 5 Central Hospitals; 8 Provincial Medical Directorate Offices and the respective Provincial hospitals, and 62 Districts.

 Associate organizations such as National Aids Council


  4. Contact Information

 4.1 Chief Internal Auditor 0712 869641 or 799781

 4.2 Internal Audit staff 252435/6 or 708744 or 251973


 5. Acts and policies

 4.1. Public Finance Management Act No. 11/2009 (Cap 22:19)

 4.2 Ministry of Health and Child Care Governance, Risk and Control Policies and Practices

 - Audit Committee Charter

 -Internal Audit Mandate - Policy, Charter and MoU

 - Risk Management Policy, Strategy and Audit Programme


 6. Program Reports

 Issued to the Audit Committee, Permanent Secretary, Senior Management , Treasury and to the Audit Office 


 7. General activities

 Conducting Routine and Special Audits and Producing Audit reports

 Conducting management meeting



Chief Internal Auditor

Mrs A. Dembetembe

04- 798537-60

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel :(04) 799781 ext 3070

Internal Audit Team


Tel:(04) 252435/6, 251973, 708744