Public Relations

Public Relations Unit

Established in 1996


To promote and enhance mutual understanding with internal and external publics by implementing planned and effective communication strategies, complaints handling, procedures and issues management of programmes to facilitate and support the attainment of the highest level of health delivery.

PR requires a series of stages, including:

The determination and evaluation of public attitudes

The identification of policies and procedures of an organisation with public interest

The development and execution of a communication program designed to bring about public understanding and acceptance

What is Public Relations?

The management function which evaluates public attitudes, identifies the policies and procedures of the Ministry of Health and Child Care with the public interest, and executes a program of action (and communication) to earn public understanding and acceptance.

Public Relations plan

Define public relations problems

Plan and program

Take action and communicate

Evaluate the program

Role of Public Relations

The primary responsibility is to maintain mutually beneficial relationships between the organisation and its publics

Assessing public attitudes and creating a favourable corporate image of the organisation

Implementing a communications program to counter negative publicity. (Negative attitudes carry over to employee morale and may result in a less-than-optimal working environment internally and in the community)

Public Relations Services

Editorial Services:

New Product Introductions
Product Publicity
Press Kits
Editorial Briefing Materials
News Releases
Feature/Trend Releases
Editorial Calendar Monitoring
Technical Articles

Event Management:

National/Regional Public Events
New Product Introductions
Media Tours
Press Conferences
Special Events
Major Meetings/Seminars

Marketing Communications: 

Client Relations Programs
Speech Writing
Seminar Coordination

Media Relations:

Ongoing Editorial Liaisons
Editorial Briefings/Media Tours
Interview Scheduling

Article Placement Feature

Trend &Technical

Article Placement

Corporate Communications 

Broadcast Services:
Video Press Releases
Audio Press Releases
Radio Remotes
Radio Promotions

Internet Services:
Social media strategy and responsibility
YouTube creation
Podcast and distribution

Crisis Management:

Improving Company Image
" Editorial Corrections”
Setting the Record Straight

Goals of Public Relations

To create, maintain and protect the organization's reputation, enhance its prestige, and present a favourable image.

To create good will for the organisation; this involves functions such as employee, media, community, investors, stakeholders’ relations.

Who are the public of MOHCC?



Donor community



Training institutes

Drug suppliers

Mission/Private Hospitals

The Media

Specialist Pressure groups/opinion Leaders

Reason for defining publics

To identify those relevant to a particular programme

To establish priorities within the scope of the budget

To assist in the selection of media and techniques

To help make the communication effective and focused