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Dr Mangwiro calls for raising prostate cancer awareness

Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr John Mangwiro during a prostate cancer webinar held last Friday under the theme “Prostate Cancer in the shadow of Covid-19” called for raising awareness among men about the devastating effects of that type of cancer. The webinar was organised by Talk Cancer Zimbabwe led by its president, Michelle Madzudzo.

“Awareness I think is the most important thing, I was reflecting on COVID-19 pandemic which has led many people to now que up in laboratories and hospitals to have COVID-19 PCR tests done, we should come to an extend where we will be saying men are queued up somewhere to get themselves screened for prostrate cancer . So I think where we miss it is in the awareness,” said Dr Mangwiro.
The Deputy Minister of Health said some men come for treatment when it is too late. In this regard he urged the organisers of this webinar to intensify awareness to the public so they adopt health seeking behaviours. There are men out there who need to be told about the dangers and complications this disease , and what can be done for them if they present themselves early.
“I think it’s very important that the group of Dr Chiripanyanga, Michelle Madzudzo and others up it’s claim of awareness. Talk to people all over again and again because people only start to come in when they have backaches and unable to pass urine, most of the time we say it’s too late,” said the Deputy Minister of Health.
Dr Mangwiro urged Madzudzo and others to take the prostate cancer to Parliament so that the lawmakers also know about this disease and make it a catalyst towards setting up of a cancer fund.
“Take this even to Parliament so that Parliamentarians are aware of what is happening, this will help to make our life easy when we want to set up a fund to assist those who have been affected by the disease,” said Dr Mangwiro.
Turning to research on cancers, Dr Mangwiro revealed that a deliberate effort will be pushed to encourage more research into that area at national level.
“We are going to deliberately push people to do a lot of research about it, yes we have got a lot of good literature on it, but we deliberately need to make sure we entice the young doctors and other people who are interested in cancers to take this up at national level,” concluded Dr Mangwiro.
Other speakers at the webinar were Dr Danso (Urologist), Dr Albert Nyamhunga (Oncologist), Dr Josephat Chiripanyanga (Physician), Mr Friday Chisanyu (traditional healer) and Talk Cancer Zimbabwe vice president, Mr Madzudzo.

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