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Plumtree Council rallies behind vaccination at border towns

Plumtree Town Council Chairperson, Fanisani Dube called upon increasing vaccination in border towns given the high risk they are exposed to as they stay at Points of Entry.

“People in the border towns including Beitbridge, we are at high risk, it is paramount that in these border towns we should be leaders of the vaccination programme before it is rolled out in Bulawayo or other towns.


“I am sure we should have done it early as an entry point to our country, but it’s still not too late,” said Dube.

The Council Chairperson expressed his gratitude to the explanation that was given by Dr Mangwiro on COVID-19 by taking a scientific approach and disregard misconceptions being peddled on social media.

“We thank the Minister (Dr Mangwiro) for allaying our fears including myself I was so scared of the vaccine because there is a lot of conspiracy theories on social media.

“Let us all go out there and ignore whatever the social media says to us and start taking preventative measures so that we can save our families and our lives,” said the Council Chairperson.

Having realised that Plumtree had transport shortages, Dr Mangwiro directed Matabeleland South Provincial Medical Director’s office to avail three (3) vehicles to the vaccination programme.

“Honourable Deputy Minister we have a few challenges as a town in terms of resources, we would like to thank you for the resources that you have mobilised on our behalf,” said Dube.

Ministry of Health is targeting to vaccinate 25 000 people in Plumtree Town before the re-opening the border. Most people in the town rely on cross border trade into neighbouring Botswana.

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