Traditional Medicine

Traditional Medicine

Traditional Medicine means the sum of total knowledge and practice on holistic care, recognized and accepted by the community for its role in health delivery and treatment of diseases. Traditional medicine is based on the theory, beliefs, faith and experiences that are indigenous to the different cultures and is developed and handed down from generation to generation. In the African Region, this knowledge is handed down mostly by oral tradition, custom, religious practices and spiritual inspiration.


 Our mandate is derive from the Traditional Medical Practitioners Act Chapter 27:14 of 1996 monitored and administered by the Minister of Health and Child Welfare



 To become Africa’s leading Council by registering and building capacity of all Traditional Medical practitioners in Zimbabwe in an effort to competitively promote greater and safer use of traditional medical practices.


 We are regulating and controlling authority aimed at safer and efficacious traditional medical practices through registering, licensing all traditional medical activities in Zimbabwe.


 Patient Focus

 Flexibility and adaptability

 Life long learning

 Transparency and fairness

 Spirit of devotion

 Evidence based practice



  •  Strategic objectives
  •  To achieve greater confidence and satisfaction from patients in the health delivery service.
  •  To provide standardized, safe, efficacious health care services and products at affordable rates
  •  To register and license traditional medical activities in Zimbabwe
  •  To train Traditional Medical Practitioners in various fields of health
  •  To licence and help establish Traditional Medical Hospitals in Zimbabwe
  •  To preserve cultural based traditional methods of healing during the lifespan of the Council.
  •  Membership
  •  The Traditional Medical Practitioners Council is open to associations, organizations, and traditional practitioners who are involved in traditional medicine practices.


  •  Faith Healer
  •  Herbalist
  •  Prophets
  •  Eastern & Western herbal medicine Distributor
  •  Herbal medicine practitioner
  •  Faith Healing Churches
  •  Traditional Birth Attendant
  •  Spirit mediums
  •  African Traditional Healers
  •  Traditional herbal medicine ingredient seller
  •  Traditional medicine organizations and associations



Director Traditional Medicine

Tel: 263 4 798537-60

Deputy Director Traditional Medicine

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