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Don’t mix modern medicines with traditional herbs-Cancer patients warned!

Bogus practitioners who claim to have solutions to deal with conditions such as erectile dysfunction, male organ enlargements and marital problems have sprouted up in Zimbabwe judging by the number of advertisements that are flighted in our media space.


This has also extended to the treatment of cancers, which ironically is fast becoming one of the most dangerous threats to humanity not only in Zimbabwe but to the world at large.

Admittedly though, traditional medicine has at large complimented efforts being made by modern medicine to effectively treat some of the extreme cancer cases locally.

However, it has been noted that some traditional healers have been encouraging the mixing of modern and traditional herbs to effectively deal with the cancerous bug.

Thus cancer treatment specialists are making a clarion call to all cancer patients not to mix modern with traditional remedies as that may put their lives of at a greater risk.

Harare based Oncologist Dr NomsaTsikai said cancer patients should desist from mixing conventional and traditional herbs when on the treatment table.

The cancer specialist warned that mixing herbs and modern medicines will result in issues of overdose and toxicity that can be fatality.

Dr Tsikai said the major query was centred on the traditional medicines dosages.

“Patients maybe overdosed while some may react, and there is also the issue of toxity that can pose challenges.

“When diagnosed of cancer, a patient reserves the right to choose a form of treatment they prefer whether traditional or conventional,” she added.

The leading Oncologist bemoaned the lack of standard practice for traditional medicines.

“By nature, traditional practice is based on secrecy, making it difficult to get the opportunity to repeat the same intervention under a controlled measured environment to validate the claims, she explained.

She said: “ In most cases, cancer cannot be cured through one method, it’s usually a combination, it is a complex disease which needs a number of treatments.”

Cancer is a disease caused by an controlled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. Cancer cases continue to increase in the county.

Government has made strides in curbing the continued increase in cancers in the country with the introduction of various strategies such as human papilloma-virus (HPV) vaccine, voluntary male circumcision, (VMMC) just to mention a few.

For men and women who were put on chemotherapy and radiation with a variety of cancer types, the risk of dying from those cancers within five years, was 90 percent yet those who underwent herbal treatment it was 20 percent, researchers found.

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