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Dr Moyo addresses Health Workers

Some health workers seem unwilling to be taking care of Covid-19 patients, raising issues like the “absence” of personal protection equipment” and non- payment of risk allowances, among other issues, Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr Obadiah Moyo, addressing health workers who were part of professional associations at State House yesterday, he allayed their fears revealing that Government prioritised their welfare.

Local companies are now manufacturing some of the materials that are being used in the combating of Covid-19.
“Yes we realise that there are some products which we can make locally and are being made in a way that will be able to protect accordingly, the bulk of the protective ware is now being manufactured locally,” said Dr Moyo.

Members of the public have been calling for the utilisation of various laboratories to test more people and Dr Moyo pointed out that plans were underway to make use of such facilities starting with all Government laboratories.

“Let me just talk about the testing scheme, the ideal situation is for us to be able to utilise all the facilities that we have for the purposes of testing in the country.
“We have to strengthen all those laboratories that are affordable immediately in the country, starting with the Government laboratories,” noted the Minister.
Dr Moyo disclosed that at the moment they were using the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) machine for all tests, but the norm was to start with rapid testing.
“At the moment yes we are utilising the PCR testing scheme, but the ideal situation is that we should have an algorithm where we start with the rapid test,” said Dr Moyo.
“One of the most important areas is that of laboratory, the testing aspect which I heard colleagues talking about and also clinical management aspect, but before we even start talking that I am happy that the issue of PPEs was emphasised, all health workers have to be well protected as they go to war,” said Dr Moyo.
Dr Moyo pointed out that all health workers that their risk allowances were being processed as the figures had already been worked out.

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