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The COVID-19 ‘war’ is not yet over, President Mnangagwa

Speaking during a memorial service held for the late National Hero, Major General (Rtd) Paradzai Zimondi in Uzumba, President Emmerson Mnangagwa reminded attendees that the pandemic was still raging on and people need to remain vigilant.


“The war is not yet over the pandemic is still among us, I therefore; urge the nation to remain vigilant, hopeful that this stage will eventually pass,” said President Mnangagwa.

The President took the opportunity to remind the gathering that the late National Hero passed on due to COVID-19 induced complications, a clear reminder on the severity of the devastating effects of the pandemic.

“As we are assembled at this occasion, we are mindful that the life of our dearly departed National Hero was snatched from us due to COVID-19 related complications,” said the President.

The President spelt out that it was good to get vaccinated as it would boost one’s immune system against the viral disease.

Tinoda kukuvimbisai kuti kune vamwe vanofunga kuti kubaiwa vaccine kwakashata, kwete jungwai, bayiwai zvinobatsira kana chirwere chikauya nepauri (We want to remind you that there are some among you who think being vaccinated is bad, get vaccinated it will do you good when you get infected by COVID-19 after being jabbed),” said the President.

Lastly, the President said the nation aimed to vaccinate everyone going above the initial target of herd immunity of about ten million (10m) citizens.

“We don’t aim to have herd immunity, but we aim to thoroughly vaccinate the entire nation,” said President Mnangagwa.

Of late, the country was experiencing a spike in new cases as the fourth wave starts. As at 19 December 2021, there 192 796 confirmed cases, including 138 397 recoveries and 4 787 deaths. To date, a total of 4 053 889 people have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Active cases stand at 32 626.

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