Hospital and Medical Infrastructure

Zimbabwe healthcare is provided through primary, secondary, tertiary care, and quinary hospital to cover all disciplines. The Ministry of Health and Child Care during the period 2018 to date made significant achievements in the development of health infrastructure ranging from the construction of new health facilities to rehabilitation/ refurbishment of existing infrastructure. In view of the above, a total of 47 health facilities were constructed and completed, 94 projects were under renovation/ rehabilitation to completion, a total of 1074 health facilities were solarized, and 201 health facilities benefit from the borehole water project.


Don’t go blind, trachoma can be treated

“Mbuya ndinokumbirawo mapiritsi. Ndakanzwa nemuzukuru wangu paakabva kuchikoro marimwe zuro kuti muri kukurudzira munhu wese kunwa mapiritsi anodzivirira hupofu” said an old grandma. Surely you could tell from the determined look on her face that despite her age she did not want to get blind after all why get blind when it could be averted.


Zimbabwe held a National Nutrition Learning Event

Zimbabwe on 23 June 2022 held a 1-day national nutrition learning event in Gweru under the Zimbabwe Resilience Building Fund a multi sectoral initiative aimed at improving food security and nutrition in the country in line with the National Development Strategy Phase 1 (NDS1).


Vaccination blitz opens up Nyanga’s tourism sector

Nyanga has embraced the re-opening of the tourism sector and is now ready to host a variety of tourism activities without risking the import and export of the Covid-19 virus, health workers here have said. This comes as more than 72 percent of the eligible population of the district have entered the national vaccination programme. 


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