Plumtree Council rallies behind vaccination at border towns

Plumtree Town Council Chairperson, Fanisani Dube called upon increasing vaccination in border towns given the high risk they are exposed to as they stay at Points of Entry.

“People in the border towns including Beitbridge, we are at high risk, it is paramount that in these border towns we should be leaders of the vaccination programme before it is rolled out in Bulawayo or other towns.


Dr Mangwiro on COVID-19 vaccine choice

When the country started the vaccination programme against COVID-19, a lot of issues were raised on how the country settled for particular vaccines and leaving others out, Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr John Mangwiro took time during his tour of Plumtree Border Post to explain it.


Maintain a high level of alertness, citizens urged

Following a spike of COVID-19 cases in recent weeks, Cabinet is taking all measures meant to curb the spreading of the viral disease by urging the citizens to be alert and sticking to stipulated numbers of people at any gathering.


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