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Zimbabwe prepared for Cholera

The Ministry of Health and Child Care has put up Cholera response measures following an outbreak of Cholera in Lusaka, Zambia, the permanent secretary for Health and Child Care Brigadier General (Dr) Gwinji has said.


“We have standing preparedness plans to respond to outbreak, now that there is a threat following an outbreak in Zambia. We are ready to put them into action if need be.

“Following the fact that we have a lot of human and vehicular traffic to and from Zambia through Chirundu and Victoria Falls border posts; we have activated our response teams and they are ready in case of emergency.

Zambia is struggling to contain a cholera outbreak that has killed an estimated 65 people across the country since October 2017.

Brigadier General (Dr) Gwinji advised the public to avoid unnecessary travelling to Lusaka.

“We are not saying people should not travel to Zambia but we are encouraging those who do not have pressing issues to postpone, avoid travelling or at least be safe and practice good hygiene.

In response to this the Ministry of Health and Child Care has deployed teams at the entry points Kariba, Victoria Falls, Chirundu and Kanyemba to screen and spread awareness to people travelling to and from Zambia for Cholera.

The Victoria Falls City council has banned vendors to sell food stuffs, fruits and vegetables from Zambia.

The Ministry of Health and Child Care has embarked on an awareness campaign specifically targeted on people travelling from Zimbabwe to Zambia by road.

Speaking on the campaign Deputy Director Epidemiology and Disease Control/ Communicable diseases Dr. Phiri, pointed out that they availed fliers and posters at the entry points and cross boarder buses.

“We are making sure that buses leaving Zimbabwe have stickers with information on preventing cholera, what to do when one has the signs and symptoms and good hygiene. We have also availed these materials at the border posts and bus terminals like Roadport”, he said.

“As part of our Cholera preparedness strategy we have erected a temporary camp at Chirundu boarder Post with everything from IV Fluids, drugs and all in case of emergency, we are not taking chances”, he said.

The EDC department will travel to border areas, Chirundu, Kanyemba, Kariba and Victoria Falls for supportive monitoring visits and to spread the awareness to the people.


Ministry of Health and Child Care Public Relations Department.

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