Policy, Informatics, Monitoring & Evaluation


To ensure coordinated overall policy development, review, and planning functions of the Ministry of Health and Child Care.


To develop, review, amend, and update policies, legislation, and regulations in pursuit of equity and quality in health.

The objectives of the Department of Policy and Planning

  • To provide policies that are co-ordinated, coherent, and consistent with the National Health Strategy.
  • To conduct periodic reviews of the relevance and adequacy of available policies strategies and actions plans and suggest appropriate actions.
  • Co-ordinating the drafting, review and publication of national health related legislation and regulations.
  • To develop joint planning mechanisms and relationships with other sectors, statutory organizations, and other groups that relate specifically to health and the wider determinants of health.
  • To ensure that the needs of all planning and performance functions are identified and actions planned to address specific gaps in health care provision

In order to fulfill all of these roles, the department has the following complementary sub-units:

  • Health Legislation and Legal
  • Strategy and Policy Development
  • Planning and Donor Co-ordination

Contact Details


Director Policy Planning and Health Economics

Email : dpolicyplanning@mohcc.gov.zw

Tel: +263 4 798537-60

 Deputy Director

Email: ddpolicyplanning@mohcc.gov.zw

Tel: +263 4 798537-60

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