Quality Assurance and Patient Safety


  • Improved MOHCC Brand Image – We endeavour to position as the preferred provider of health service; taking advantage of the trust patients have to public institutions. To this end, we safeguard the reputation with internal and external stakeholders by eliminating unreliable, bureaucratic systems replacing with a culture of candid reporting built on robust systems for compliance, safety and operational risk management.
  • Improved Utilization of Time and Increased Efficiency – to work with other MOHCC departments and institutions to identify opportunities to remove waste in the operation during documents development and implementation.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction – we work with other departments and MOHCC institutions to make certain that our operational processes consistently and completely reflect and drive organizational customer focus and satisfaction.
  • Consistent Quality and Timely Service Delivery – we will concentrate on control and repeatability in every management process.
  • Valid Performance Data that you Customers can Trust – we endeavour to make MOHCC process and product measurements will be robust and credible.
  • Responsibilities of Personnel Clearly Defined – we apply lean document development techniques that ensure employees are crystal clear about their responsibilities as well as those of others in the operation.
  • Create a Documented Management System for Useful Reference – we will position the MOHCC to always be able to refer to simple, easily understandable and user friendly documentation when questions arise and when training is necessary.


By 2020, Zimbabwe has a well performing health system which is accessible, efficient, equitable, acceptable, effective, and safe and exceeds the expectations of users and communities


To focus on QA&QI processes in the provision of all types of health services and to prioritize the nurturing of a work ethic that fosters a culture of always aspiring to meet and exceed patient/client/community expectations at all levels across the health sector.



Phase 1

ü  Establish QI teams at provincial, district and central level

ü  Review and development of standards and guidelines of care in all service areas, where applicable.

ü  Strengthen licensing procedures and adherence to minimum standards by health facilities.

ü  Strengthen quality control of medicines, laboratories and radiology facilities.

ü  Strengthen and capacitate hospitals to adhere to infection control guidelines.

ü  Introduction of quality improvement work in at least one technical area in a subset of districts in every province. An emphasis will be on Quality improvement training, activities and establishment of facility based quality improvement focal groups, overseeing continuous real-time monitoring of agreed quality of care measures (process measures and outcome measures).

ü  Introduction of QI skills and methods in pre-service training (with participation of students in ongoing improvement projects to the extent possible).

ü  Strengthen monitoring of compliance to standards and guidelines e.g. medical audit.

ü  Establishment of improvement collaborative.


Phase 2

ü  Institutionalize formal recognition of performance and accreditation of hospitals

ü  Introduction of pay for performance at central and provincial hospital level



Accountability: justifying our partnership with client organization to help better who they are and what they do.

Efficiency: to produce a lot with limited resources

Ethical: carrying out business in accordance with acceptable norms of society.

Team work: joining hands like forces in realizing the best results for our clients.

Quality: Our consultancy services delivers on meet the customer specified and implied requirements. We guarantee the highest quality, best prized services…because we will accept nothing less.

Innovative: Our services have always been in the forefront of the quality and current best practices wave. Our services demonstrates our ingenuity, quality assurance and industry expertise and are the bases for our future success.

Integrity: Our customers will depend on the quality of our quality consultancy. Our commitment to the highest standard is the foundation of our customer’s trust in Quality Eye Consultancy. Delivering on customer requirements on consumers is anchored on extensive cooperation and mutual reliance between supplier and user. We stand behind our experience, our service and our word. 


The department undertakes to:

a)      Co-ordinate the development of minimum performance in consultation with relevant stakeholders within and outside the health sector.

b)      Manage the development, (or adoption and customizing), implementation and maintenance of quality assurance and improvement systems and activities in the health sector.

c)      Monitor, evaluate and advise on quality of health services and performance of the health system

d)     Liaise with other departments throughout the health sector in planning, for formulating and agreeing on comprehensive quality procedures to ensure that quality assurance and improvement systems are functioning properly.




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