The nursing directorate aims to provide quality, comprehensive nursing services to rural and urban areas utilizing the primary health care approach through:

  • Provision of adequate staffing levels by reviewing, analysing and recommending ideal staffing patterns/patterns;
  • Providing basic training for nurses;
  • Guiding the development of training targets and strategies;
  • Ensuring that there are adequate facilities and education for specialist nurses;
  • Strengthening vital management support systems and in-service education;
  • Conducting research directed to the changing health needs of the country through development of different scientific fields of knowledge.

Nursing Philosophy

The nursing directorate`s philosophy is derived from the profession`s belief in an holistic approach to comprehensive, quality nursing care. The belief is based on the mission statement of the ministry of health and child welfare, 1992, outlined in the corporate plan. The nursing directorate concurs with the governments credo that “health is a human right and not a privilege”.

The directorate acknowledges that leadership is the chief element that demands quality nursing care and nurse managers who are accountable for the provision of quality nursing care. The directorate believes that leadership has both a facilitative and coordination role in getting the nurses involved and committed to quality care. The nursing directorate team as managers recognizes that each nurse leader is an unique individual who is an active participant in the assessing, planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and recording of health care strategies. We believe that professional development is a cornerstone as well as a common denominator for the development of quality health care services. Therefore we believe in continuing education. We believe in fostering the individual nurse`s own responsibilities and abilities. The directorate believes in openness to innovation and research.

A. Nursing Services and Education
The nursing directorate`s responsibilities:

  • Develop policies that will ensure the provision of quality nursing services and education;
  • Provide technical and professional inputs into health programmes and services related to Primary Health Care;
  • Developing and monitoring nursing standards and quality of nursing care;
  • Providing professional leadership and guidance to ensure ethical conduct among nurses;
  • Assessing staffing requirements and making projections to guide training, utilisation and further development of staff to meet the national needs;
  • Facilitate continuing nursing education for nurses as a staff development process;
  • Identify, conduct and facilitate Health Systems Research for the betterment of quality of patient care;
  • Developing networks and partnerships with International and local agencies and organisations for professional excellence and mutual benefits of both/all parties; and
  • Solicit resources for the betterment of nursing services, administration, education and research.

B. Mental Health, Psychiatric Care, Mental Handicap and Forensic Care
The Nursing Directorate is also charged with the responsibility of administering and managing the National Mental Health Handicap and Forensic Care stated programme. The Directorate`s responsibilities are:

  • Initiating, developing and monitoring a National Mental Health/Psychiatric Care Policy;
  • Developing comprehensive quality mental health, psychiatric, mental handicap and forensic care programmes to meet the national needs utilising the Primary Health Approach;
  • Co-ordinating the development of training programmes in mental health, psychiatric care (including substance abuse), mental handicap and forensic care;
  • Developing appropriate training manuals and health information materials in the field of mental health to enhance service provision;
  • Developing regulations as required;
  • Participate in statutory activities related to the Mental Health Act (1996);
  • Co-ordinating the monitoring of mental health indicators;
  • Monitoring and evaluating the services; and
  • Collaborate with local and international agencies for quality care and reduction of substance abuse.

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