To provide measures to combat the spread of HIV and management, coordinate and implement programmes that reduce the impact of HIV and AIDS

Key activities

Summary of the AIDS and TB unit overall functions:

Coordinate the development of  HIV/AIDS health policies and set up of national standards and guidelines

  1. Monitor HIV and AIDS disease trends, quality care and health status,
  2. Consolidate HIV budget estimates, mobilize and allocate resources, institute expenditure controls and budget analysis
  3. Undertake human resources planning, strategy development and training in the provision of HIV/AIDS care services
  4. Create a conducive health regulatory environment for both the private and public providers of health in the provision of HIV/AIDS care services
  5. Commission HIV/AIDS research and ensure inter-agency coordination
  6. Liaise with international health organization and donor agencies on HIV/AIDS issues
  7. Develop and implement HIV and AIDS programmes
  8. Provide financial, human resources management and administrative support services in HIV and AIDS services.


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