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To improve quality of life.


The highest possible level of health and quality of life for all citizens and permanent residents of Zimbabwe by 2030.


To coordinate, promote and advocate for the provision of equitable, appropriate, accessible, affordable, and acceptable quality health services and care to Zimbabweans while maximizing the use of locally available resources in line with the Primary Health Care Approach.

Guiding principles

  • Equity –provision of health care services according to need.
  • Quality –provision of appropriate services meeting the expectations of clients.
  • Efficiency –allocative and productive efficiency.
  • Confidentiality –utmost regard to the dignity of clients and patients.
  • Professionalism –abide to the dictates of the calling of a profession.
  • Partnerships and Multi-sectoral collaboration-strengthening partnerships andcollaborating across sectors on health matters.


In pursuing these health objectives the Ministry of Health and Child Care will:

  • Ensure value for money through efficient and effective services.
  • Plan and manage its resources effectively.
  • Form strong links with the community at all levels in the delivery of appropriate health services in acceptable ways.
  • Mobilize more resources for the Health Sector whilst ensuring their optimum utilization.
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