Pathology and Laboratory Services

Pathology Services Directorate

Curative Services Division

The Pathology Services Directorate in the Ministry of Health and Child Care coordinates and facilitates the provision of pathology diagnostic services for clinical, preventive and medico-legal services in the public sector.


To be a Pathology Diagnostic Service of international repute by 2020


To provide quality, accessible and affordable pathology diagnostic services in a timely manner.


  • Professionalism
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Efficiency

There are four units in the department:

  • Education and training – Coordinates training programs for pathology human resource development
  • Pathology Quality Assurance – Coordinates and facilitates the provision of internationally accepted standard of diagnostic services
  • Forensic services – Coordinates the provision of medico-legal diagnostic services
  • Molecular Pathology and Immunohistochemistry – Coordinates and facilitate the provision of molecular diagnostic services essential for targeted drug therapy
  • Clinical Pathology – provides laboratory medicine diagnostic services such as bone marrows, leukemias, tumor markers, microbiology and infectious diseases


Director Pathology Services

Tel:+263 -4 798537-60

A/Deputy Director Pathology Service

Tel:+263 4 798537-60


Laboratory Services


To provide the best, high quality evidence based laboratory services, which are accessible and affordable to the population of Zimbabwe.


To timely provide the best quality laboratory services and results to clients, in order to fulfill the laboratory services role in the health delivery system.


A coordinated public health laboratory services strengthened and functioning according to the adopted standards.

General Strategic Objectives

  1. Establish a framework within which planning and development of an integrated laboratory service delivery system will be operational.
  2. Establish and implement operational standards and guidelines.
  3. Define and staff the laboratory services system with roles and responsibilities and manage to be functional.
  4. Establish a centralized management information system (MIS) for the laboratory service network for informed decision-making.
  5. Develop and implement a Quality Assurance and Continuous Quality Improvement Programs for laboratory services.
  6. Advocate for an efficient and effective procurement and maintenance system to be established and implemented.


Contact Details

Director Laboratory Services

Tel: +263 4 792588

Deputy Director Laboratory Services

Tel: +263 4 798537-60


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